Catelin Drey

project manager

Weird Fact
My first job out of college was teaching (something I swore I would never do!) at a bilingual school in Honduras. I had a class of 31 first graders – I learned more than I taught for the entire year.

Certifications & Awards
Past President of Sioux City Growth Organization (2018)

Catelin is our Project Manager and is responsible for making sure our team stays on top of deadlines and client requests. It’s her job to maintain our project management system and help the creative team reach their goals. She also handles most of our in-house photography.

Catelin is a graduate of Morningside College with a BA in Spanish & Photography. She has worked as a teacher, personal banker, mortgage loan processor and fundraising assistant and continues to work as a photographer. Throughout her varied employment history, she has always had the goal of helping others. She likes to find the best way to do something and is motivated to help others. And although she would say she fell into this role more or less by accident, we think she’s a perfect fit for the job. We’d say it’s her contagious enthusiasm and strong motivation to help others that makes her an exceptional project manager!