Zach Murrell

web developer


Weird Fact
Zach once ate at a Pizza Hut less than 100 yards from the Great Pyramid of Giza

Iowa State University | Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering

Front-end development
WordPress & HubSpot CMS
Responsive optimization for mobile, tablet, and desktop
Web maintenance

HubSpot CMS Developer
HubSpot CMS Implementation
HubSpot Contextual Marketing
HubSpot Growth-Driven Design

WordPress Academy SEO
WordPress Academy Essentials

Zach builds websites with clean, professional level code. Give him a concept or design and he'll bring it to life! He understands the balance between the functionality and aesthetics of design, optimizes every line of code for speed, scalability, accessibility, and SEO. He aims to create a positive, memorable user experience for every website he creates.

Zach was technically orientated from the beginning––taking his first college-level math class, Calculus 1, when he was only 13 years old! He has always had an affinity for problem–solving and a design thinking. In his own words, “I enjoy integrating two fields that sometimes have disparate values.”

He was once the first employee at a startup during his senior capstone in Mechanical Engineering (shortly after graduating). But, while he enjoyed developing their product, he quickly discovered that he was much more interested in the marketing side of things; he was most excited about creating their website and presenting to possible investors. So, after a few more years (and job changes) later, he decided it was time to make take the big leap and pursue what he enjoys most: Web Development!