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Sometimes we write. About us. About life. About our clients. About our work. About marketing. The topics vary, but we try to provide useful, entertaining, or insightful content. I mean, isn't that what a good content plan is all about?

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Pinterest is used for inspiration. Knowing this, how can you inspire your audience with content that sells your products? We'll help you get started.

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Learn more about the two additional reasons why a social media competitive audit can help your business focus on customer service and growth.

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To your peers, LinkedIn is considered the social media hub for professionals. Our free prospecting workbook will help you get started with business page building and brand ambassadors.

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Have you considered a competitive social media audit? Monitoring competitors' products and messaging could give you an advantage. We can help.

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Have you ever been frustrated by inaccurate information about your business in an online listing or local search? You’re not alone. But did you know you can do something about it?

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Twitter is the channel for list makers, hashtag followers and those who want to keep it brief but humorous. For brands and businesses, this makes Twitter the perfect place to look for new customers.

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Many companies struggle with whether to build in-house marketing or hire an agency. These 3 tips from my experience client-side may help you decide.

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With over one billion active users on Facebook per day, it’s safe to say that who you want to reach is likely using Facebook. Those leads may also be using one of your competitor’s products.

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Antidote 71's social media prospecting workbook will help you follow your leads' digital footprints. You can use these footprints to help understand the right — and wrong — customers for your business.